Rob Moon Wildlife Photography | About
Hello and welcome to my new web site.
I was born in 1980 and have lived on Exmoor all my life. Since a young lad I have followed Exmoors red deer and spent many hours with my father picking up cast deer antlers. In 2005 I purchaced my first compact digital camera and started to photograph the red deer. After a few years mastering the art of stalking deer with a camera I then purchased my first digital SLR camera (Nikon D4). I have 2 lenses i use for photographing wildlife (Nikon 500mm f4) and a (Nikon 80mm to 400mm f5.6) also a 1.4x converter.
In 2009 I joined the British Deer Society and was awarded 3rd place in their photographic competition and entered again in 2010 and was awarded with 1st place (BDS photographer of the year 2010).