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Szybkie pożyczki bez biku i krd(non-registered)
Szybkie pożyczki bez biku i krd
Russell Parker(non-registered)
Wow. Im very impressed Rob. Your passion for stags is very clear in your pictures as well as when you talk about them, even when they are elusive for two weeks. Do you sell any of your prints?
Keep up the excellent work.
hi i am a great fan of stag photograph and I didnt know if you have took any lately and I am great fan of wildlife as well have you took any lately if you could email me that would be great



The thing I liked most about your works on wildlife is that, you have kept the frames so natural and has managed to click them so spontaneous. And that hard work is so evident from these photographs.
Great site, fantastic shots
Dave Bisson(non-registered)
Great site, fantastic shots
Peter Saupe(non-registered)
Fab pictures,so many full face,and some of those antlers are massive.Good hobby and a good camera.Well done.
Kevin Robson(non-registered)
Hi Rob. Thanks again for a terrific trip to Exmoor. Without your knowledge of the area and brilliant fieldcraft I can't imagine that we would have even found the deer, let alone get close. An unforgettable day in every respect. Rgs, Kevin & Pauline
Hi Rob poped back to view your site/images/with a bit more time to take a better look and i have to say well done your fantastic images astound will be back to view 2012 rut shots. js fineline.
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